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Rainbow Glo

I am in the throws of a merger between Rainbow Adewole (my dark side) and Gloria Miller (my light side). This merger began in the dark night of the Soul, and is settling nicely into the spectrum. Here is where we journey together in real time!

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What I'm working on ... 5 June 2024

  • Today, I am publishing a Chakra Flow Check In post about the Heart Chakra and the power of love and acceptance.

  • This week I'm in the studio working on an EP called 'Rainbow Glo.' This EP represents the integration of my light and dark sides and will have two songs including an acoustic cover of 'Over the Rainbow.'

  • Over the weekend I'll be jammin' out at Cambridge Club Festival with the hubs.

Check in next week to find out what's next!

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Email me anytime you want to share, need support, or just want to chat!

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