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Chakra Flow Reading #2: Finding Balance

Updated: Apr 8

Red. Root Chakra. #2. Free yourself from pain.

Mantra: I Am.

If you don’t know who your are or if you let someone or something else write your story, then get used to being in pain (suffering, agony, affliction, torture, torment, discomfort, etc.). I have been battling so hard with this as I look deeper into my African heritage. I realise that I am so much more than my own beliefs because most of my beliefs are based on lies about who my people were and who we are and always will be. Maintaining a sense of ‘I Am’ is so hard when you see very few true reflections of yourself. The past few days I have been brought low from the pain of generational trauma. This pain resides so deeply that if you don’t keep it suppressed, it consumes. I am feeling very consumed. With consumption comes exhaustion. The kind of tired you feel in your bones. 

In order to free myself from pain, I am sitting with the pain. Getting acquainted with it. Understanding it. It often feels like I’m up against the ropes taking an 'Ali-style' beating. Sometimes, I am down for the count. But I get back up. I fight the good fight. I forgive and I love through the inequities. I find my centre and I protect it. I let go and let god. As I write this, I am not free from pain. I am actually winded by it, struggling to catch my breathe. Screaming a collective ‘I can’t breathe’ from the very centre of my Soul.

But there will be no surrender. My diasporic pain, that was born of ancestral trauma, is the stuff that makes me who 'I Am.' My root chakra tethers me to the Earth and to you, securing our place within the greater 'I Am,' as our collective darkness brings balance to our Solar (Soul) Star light. Herein lies the keys to the kingdom … balance. Yin and yang. Maybe this is our true purpose. To find the sweet spot between good and evil. To see in the reflections of those around us our own capacity for good and evil. 

I personally needed this card!

The Number Two:

Did you know that in the world of numerology, the number two is like a wise old guru, preaching the gospel of balance, harmony, and teamwork? It's the first number that can be divided by another number (besides one and itself), making it a symbol of duality. In short, two is all about partnerships, diplomacy, and cozy relationships. If you're a big fan of this number, you might be a peacemaker at heart, always striving for unity and understanding. But, be warned: too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. If you're not careful, you might find yourself plagued by indecision, passivity, and a fear of disharmony. So, let the number two be your guide to finding balance in every part of your life and building strong, positive connections with those around you!

Tangerine. Sacral Chakra. #8. Be spontaneous and have fun.

Mantra: I feel.

Orange is the colour associated with the Sacral Chakra, but I see tangerine as her playful little sister. This colour strikes up images of being a kid and hot summer days in Chicago eating a juicy tangerine with the juice dripping down my arms. I have no concerns about it going all sticky. I am just enjoying the sweet nectar in a complete moment of ecstasy. Yes, it’s that deep. 

As you get older you start to feel like playing, spontaneity and fun are no longer in the cards. It’s like you played your hand, maybe you won, maybe you lost, either way, game over. But it’s not game over. If you are still breathing, you are still in the game. So have some fucking fun. 

The Number Eight:

The number eight is a powerful symbol in numerology, representing abundance, success, and inner wisdom. The number eight is also viewed as a symbol of infinity, as its shape resembles the mathematical symbol for infinity. The world of play can lead to abundance, and boundless opportunities.

Violet. Crown Chakra. #9. Create a balanced life.

Mantra: I know.

We come here knowing. Fully conscious. It’s all good until we start learning, because it is in learning that we start forgetting who we are, and we start believing all the things we are not. By the time we’re adults, most of us are completely unconscious. We've forgotten 'I Am,' which is the foundation of everything, and we end up out of balance. It’s so interesting that I pulled these three cards together because true balance is the sweet spot between the Root and the Crown Chakras, and remembering our sense of play in every stage of life is fuelled by a fully awakened Sacral Chakra. 

The Number Nine:

The number nine carries significant spiritual connotations and is often linked to enlightenment and heightened consciousness. Across various cultures and religions, the number nine symbolises completeness and wholeness, holding sacred value. Additionally, the number is associated with humanitarianism, idealism, and selflessness. Those who identify with this number are believed to embody a strong desire to make a positive impact on the world and aid others.

Wrap Up:

  • A balanced life won’t alleviate pain all together. You may have to deal with a dull ache from time to time.

  • A balanced life doesn’t mean the game of life is always going to be easy, but it does mean you can get in where you fit in and play hard.

  • A balanced life certainly doesn’t guarantee that you’re always going to know who you are, but the root of you is grounded in ‘I Am.’

  • A balanced life is a good life.

For this reading I used ‘The Secret Language of Colour’ cards by Inna Segal. These cards come with a guidebook, but I use my intuition to find meaning in the cards.


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