Claiming Your Artist Page on Apple Music

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Have you claimed your Artist Page on Apple Music yet? Apple Music Connect is a new feature of Apple Music that allows you as an artists to connect with your fans.  Through Apple Music Connect you will be able to share audio, photos, and videos.

Here's how to claim your page:

1. Sign into iTunes Connect using your iTunes ID and password.

2. Select the type of content you’d like to manage (choose “Artists”)

3. Click the ‘+’ link on the next screen.

4. Click ‘+’ again on the next screen and enter your iTunes Store artist page URL into the popup.

Enter your iTunes Store link instead of your artist name because there may be other artists an identical or similar name as yours. Entering the exact iTunes URL will prevent confusion and delays.

5. Select your role (solo artist, band member, manager, etc.) and fill out the subsequent fields.

If you don't have management or label contact details, just put in your own personal contact information twice and move on to the next step.

7. Click “done.”

Apple will email you after they have approved your profile claim.

I claimed my page a couple weeks ago and this is how your admin page will look once you've been given access. Just click on your face to get to your dashboard.

If you are a label or manager and want access to other Artists, click on the Request Artist Access button to claim them.

Thanks for joining my Music Makers Blog. I hope this info is helpful. If you run into any problems, put them in the comments and I will do what I can to help! Let me know how you get on!

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