Do People Still Sing About Love?

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Well, according to American Country Singer Dottsy, at least they still do in Texas. But is the subject of Love still celebrated in today's hit music? I did a bit of digging and here are some interesting statistics; it estimated that between 2017 and 2020 %65 of songs will be about love. According to a University of Florida study, "the subject of love still dominates pop song lyrics, but with raunchier language."

I recently discovered the Artist Lizzo and I have to say she is taking raunchy lyrics to new heights and in she sings about loving the skin you're in, a modern-day take on the 'love' song! I'm impressed with her swag, and she is bathing in her truth and allowing us to go along for the ride. It's taken me nearly 53 years to stop trying to be who people want me to be. Better late than never, right?


In just about two weeks I'll be releasing my second single of 2019, Who Do You Love, and you guessed it, this song is about love. Lasting love. Love as the foundation, weathered by storms with the cracks starting to show. But love is still there. It's roots running deep. I write and sing about love because music is universal and transcends boundaries to unify. Love has so many colours and you have to be brave to truly embrace its wonders.

Thoughout the ages, the subject of love has dominated Music and Literature, and we all seek love in our lives and that desire propels us to open our hearts and minds to the possibilities that true love affords us.

On 31 May 2019 Who Do You Love will be available on your favourite music platform and I hope you will enjoy my take on the love song. Click here to Pre-Save the single in Spotify!

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