Don't Stop - The Backstory

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

My third single of the year just dropped yesterday and I honestly was having the strangest reaction to the release of Don't Stop! There is always the worry that the song isn't 'good enough' and I was really questioning that yesterday because this song is my first venture into EDM (electronic dance music). But this is what I know for sure ... I did my absolute best that I could do at this moment and with each release I am learning more and growing.

I have to give a huge shout out to Mayfield Records and Gregg, Tom and Sam who each put their touches on the release. Releasing music is a truly collaborative effort and their expertise has been invaluable.

So, now to the backstory of the song. I wanted to write a song that felt like summer. I present a weekly radio show in Portsmouth and recently did a show filled with tunes that reminded me of Summer, and Don't Stop fit right in. I hear it as a song you can jam to in the club, listen to on full blast while driving in your care, chill to it in the backyard or garden or dance to with reckless abandon when no one is looking.

As a 53 year old woman, my days of going to the club are numbered, and it's probably a bit strange that I'm writing dance music (my next release which will drop the end of August is another EDM tune), but this year has been about finding my voice again after a 10-year absence from recording my own music, so I am simply experimenting and going where the spirit leads creatively.

I hope you will support Don't Stop by streaming and downloading the tune which can be found on these sites:

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Please let me know what you think of the song in the comments section.

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