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Emotional Balance … A Love Story

Rainbow Glo enjoying some emotional balance.
Emotional Balance - Heart Chakra

Once upon a time there was you. Perfect in every way. Not like the perfection of today where your facets are relegated to imperfections. I’m talking about the perfection that comes with knowing who you are and why you are. Emotional balance.

We are all diamonds. Some of us are in the rough, some of us are radiant. It’s time for us to embrace all of who we are, and smack dab in the middle of our energy is the Heart Chakra. Picture this, green energy swirling at your centre, and there’s the hint of a golden cup. Do you see it? Now, is your cup empty or full?

This cup holds your self love, and the only way to fill it is through acceptance and a sense of purpose. I confess that my cup is running a bit dry, because there is a tug of war between control and acceptance raging in me ... right now.

I know that acceptance is the key. When I was suffering with poor mental health brought on by a deep seeded fear of death, after much therapy and mindfulness, I have come to accept that death is to be respected, but not feared. Once I accepted this, the paralysing fear was gone. And still is.

But there are some other areas where I just can’t seem to let go and let God, and it’s this disturbance that jostles my cup and the pure waters of acceptance spill out leaving me feeling out of control and emptied of any sense of purpose.

So, I am writing this post to encourage you as I encourage myself. Today, let’s fully embrace all of our facets, those that shine bright and those that are in shadow. Together we will let go of the desire to control what’s out of our control by accepting that where we are in this very moment is where we’re supposed to be. We do this by loving ourselves unconditionally. Filling our own cup with the waters of acceptance, supported by the powerful green energy of the Heart Chakra, and living happily ever after.

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