Life Is But A Dream

Whoopi Goldberg has proven herself to be a great actress. I mean, she’s got an Oscar, right? But as we all know, having an Oscar is not necessarily proof of being a good actor. Whoopi won hers for ‘Ghost’ and her performance in that film was proof enough for me!

Another film I loved her in was ‘How Stella Got her Groove Back,’ a film she starred in with Angela Bassett. My favourite scene in the film is when Whoopi’s character is in the hospital and Angela’s character is at her bedside and Whoopi says, ‘Life is but a dream.’

This line has stuck with me all these years later, and it’s screams in my Spirit even more so now that I am getting older. Life IS but a dream. No matter how long we get to live it, it goes bye in a blink.

It’s up to us to make the most of this precious gift called life. Human life is imponderable (thank you word of the day from It can’t truly be measured or figured out. But it can be appreciated and fully lived.

There’s a lot of anger and pain being displayed on our various screens, and in many cases, right before our very eyes, and it can feel like the world around us has gone mad. It’s terribly easy to get caught up in the madness and lose sight of the beauty in our lives. The things that are going right. The people that make us happy. Our pets that cuddle up next to us. The mundane things that make us smile.

Stepping back from the drama and finding our joy is our responsibility. Finding our own bliss and happiness is a noble pursuit. Today, let’s allow that pursuit to distract us from the crazy. Let it turn us in a direction that will lead us to peace. To stillness. To awareness.

So, right now, think about something that truly makes you happy. Got it? Awesome. Make time in your day to do or show appreciation for that thing, because ... merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream.

Note: If you found inspiration in my words, then I highly recommend watching ‘The Professor’ on Amazon’s Prime Video. This film is a beautifully funny and sad look at living life to the fullest!

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