Is it optimism, looking at the world through rose coloured glasses or spotting a silver lining?

I’m not sure, but somehow during this Coronavirus Pandemic, I have found simplicity. And with that simplicity, I have found a mordicum of peace.

I just started reading a book about a man trying to live his life without all the electronic gadgets and apps that have become such a natural part of our lives, even in the fight against Covid19. My favourite app is ‘To-Do,’ an app that I would NEVER give up. I have always used lists to stay organized, and one of my biggest pleasures is completing a task and then checking that task off as finished. Just the thought of it makes me happy.

Prior to the pandemic, my to-do list was unending. Each day I was checking things off, but I was also adding more things that ‘needed to be done.’ During the early days of the virus, I could not face this mountain of to-dos, because I was so weighed down by fear and confusion at the start of this global journey into the unknown. So I spent the first couple weeks trying not to panic while having panic attacks. Cra Cra.

Third week in, I opened my To-do app and started deleting tasks that were now either irrelevent due to the fact I didn’t have any work, or unimportant in light of the world’s condition.

With each deletion, I felt a little bit lighter. I have now whittled the list down from infinite to eight tasks per day, and I haven’t been adding to the list. Four of those items are from my CV Mental Health list that I referenced in my earlier ‘Coping’ podcast.

In doing so, I have achieved simplicity. By narrowing my focus, I have been able to identify the crucial things that must be done, and eliminate the rest, creating space in my mind and reclaiming ownership of my time.

Without this Coronavirus outbreak, I would not have come to this place of simplicity. Silver lining. And yes, the future is uncertain and the outlook is scary, but the calm that has come from simplifying my life is also giving me the strength to face each day as it comes.

Many of us are having to think of ways to re-invent ourselves whether from necessity or desire, because what we did for a living before Covid19 might not be an option during or after. I encourage you to find simplicity within the madness, giving yourself the headspace to figure out your next steps. Cut out anything that’s not serving you now, because it probably won’t serve you in the future.

Use this time to simplify your life so that you have the room for the expansion that is to come. Stay safe, keep it simple sweetie, and thrive as you survive!

I welcome your thoughts and comments, so please let me know how you’re doing in this very challenging time.

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