Smart Links for Marketing Your Music

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Here are some websites that I have found where you can create Smart Links to use for marketing your albums or singles.

SongLink - - This is a free service and is automatically created once your music is distributed. I paid for a customized link ($3.99) to remove the sites branding. I didn't pay for the analytics, but I setup a link on Bitly so that I could monitor link clicks. Here's an example of my Bitly link that I made from the SongLink link:

FeatureFM - - They have a free plan that is very basic. I created a link for my new song: They have an auto scan feature, so if you add the url from one of your music platforms (search the platform to find the url) FeatureFM will scan for all of your platform urls. If auto scan didn't find all your platform urls, just manually add them. You can also create pre-sell smart links if you selected this option through your distributor.

Here's an interesting article on how to use Smart Links to market your music and an intro to a couple other Smart Link sites.

There are many sites where you can create smart links for your music. What I've provided here is just a starting point. If you do find other sites that might help out your fellow Music Makers, please leave info/links in the comments below.

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