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The Art of Quiet Observation: How to Harness the Power of Taking a Beat

Updated: Jun 5

The Art of Quiet Observation
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‘Stop talking so much.’ Words I heard often growing up. Every report card said, ‘she’s a good student, but she talks too much.’ Guess what? I still talk too much. But, I am committed to learning the art of quiet observation.

Even if it’s just a moment of silence, that’s enough time for us to remember who we are, and that whatever the situation is, we are bigger than it. So you just flow with it.

We’re talking too much. All over the internet putting our business in the streets. Then we wonder why somebody has snatched our dream and run off with it. 

Learn how to keep things close to the chest. You know, like when you playing cards. You don’t wanna show your hand. We need to learn how to do our talking by playing the aces. Playing to win.

We need to stop allowing ourselves to be so distracted by aimless chatter. That is time that can be spent living the dream. Not just talking about a dream. Just be about it. Mysteriously letting your words be few and seasoned with Grace.



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