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We've all had moments in our lives when we are feeling a sense of self doubt, or struggle with new situations, or just feel shy in group situations. Sometimes you want to be able to just take life in your stride without the associated worry or concern. This crystal pack has been designed to help you boost your self confidence in those situations.


This pack includes 1 x Rough Orange Calcite, 1 x Gold Tigers Eye Tumblestone, 1 x Carnelian Tumblestone, and 1 x Sunstone Tumblestone and comes with a free printed guide telling you all the metaphysical healing properties to keep with your crystals. They all come in an organza bag to keep your crystals safe.


Orange Calcite is included here in its raw format as this is one of our favourite stones for confidence. This crystal balances the sacral chakra as when this is unbalanced, often leads to feelings of doubt. This crystal stimulates positive vibrations throughout and is great for overcoming shyness

Gold Tigers Eye strengthens willpower and gives you the courage of the Tiger enabling your self confidence to shine through.


Carnelian works on the first three chakras and is aimed at raising your self worth and is a great crystal for courage too. This crystal enables you to have confidence in any decision making and actions you need to take.


And finally we have included Sunstone as this is a crystal that enables personal power, using the energies of the Sun. It is a stone that nurtures inner strength and mental toughness as well as giving your willpower a significant boost

Give Me Confidence Crystal Pack

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