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Chakra Flow Advice #5 - Root Chakra - Vitality, Strength and Balance

Updated: Jun 5

Root Chakra - Red

Physical Health: Vitality, Strength, Body Image, Balance

Number: 5

The root chakra has popped up again today possibly as a reminder of how important it is to have balance in the powerful, foundational energy centre. Are we more concerned with how we look vs. How we feel? I am shifting my concerns to how I feel.

Being a woman of a certain age, my body has changed over the past few years and these changes have definitely affected how I feel about my body and how I look. Having this focus on how I looked was starting to crush my spirit, and I found myself in the vicious cycle of dieting and planned workouts which just made me feel like a failure because I couldn’t stick with my rigid, self-imposed get fit schedule. And, I gained more weight.

Since January I have been going to hot yoga sessions at Hotspot Yoga in Southsea and I have noticed something about my body as a result. She is fine as fuck. I am strong. My body is a wonder, and from somewhere deep inside, I absolute love my body. There has been zero change in my weight, but a 180 degree change in how I feel in my own skin, just the way she is!

I am not unique in being awesome. You are too. You are gorgeous. Your body is exactly as it should be. Your body is a temple so pay attention to what your eating, but don’t starve yourself. Move your body doing what you really enjoy. For me it’s dancing, yoga, skipping rope and walking. These are activities that I hella enjoy, so it’s not a strain to fit them into my life.

Good health is what we all want so that we have long life. Beauty radiates from inside of us and this beauty is fueled by the rainbow chakras, with the root chakra as the foundation, located at the base of the spine. Use the fiery red energy of this chakra to stand strong  in the knowledge of who you are. Walk through your life today like you own this bitch. Stand in front of a full length mirror and see your own beauty radiating from the root to your crown.

Love your body for what it does for you, not for how you look. Looks are fleeting, but health and vitality can create balance of longevity.

The number five is a big deal in yoga, especially in Astanga yoga. My own practice is a combination of Bikram, vinyasa and hatha yoga and I hold certain poses for the count of five breaths. And usually that fifth breath has to be fought for.

Odd numbers allow for perspective, which allows for that extra push. We are three dimensional living within four dimensions where balance is a given. The push of the fifth dimension is signalling you that there is more if you want it, it’s your choice. If you choose to live a 5D life, the comfort zone just won’t be enough. The 5D life is unconditional. There’s no fear, no hate, no judgement of any kind, and no self-competition. There is just unconditional love, forgiveness and acceptance.

A 5D existence allows us to freely flow through the physical and spiritual world and will lead you to the next threshold of balance.

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