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Chakra Flow Reading #1: The Earth Star

Updated: Mar 2

My take on what I intuited from the cards ...

Today is all about taking a deep breath while basking in the soothing presence of a serene stream. It's about feeling the lunar magic as it imbues you with restorative energy. Today, you can find refuge under the mighty Tree of Life, blocking out the glare of the sun's rays. Let go of any guilt and embrace your divine passions. You have the power to transform yourself in any way that feels authentic and freeing!

This is what I intuited from the cards as it came to me:

Earth Star Chakra Card - Black - Ground - I am

  • Goddess Card - Sacred Lust - High heart Throat Chakra - Blue - I speak, I want balance. I am both sacred and sexual. Shape shifter. I make myself appealing through allusion. 

  • Light Card - Starseed - What lights you up? - Pink (diluted root, red), lavender (diluted consciousness, purple) - Questioning: I am? I know? Sidelined under the light of perfection. I’ve forgotten my cosmic power, the earth star reminds me that I can take refuge in the shadows, in the arms of Mother Earth to remember who I am and what I’m made of.

  • Moon Card - Healing Moon - Seek Healing. Lunar Chakra - Moon White. But take care here. Trust your intuition as you allow help into your soul. Keep your eyes open! Know them by their fruit. We are still hungover from Christmas and we can be very vulnerable when the realisation sets in that life is not all fun and games. We are under a Sagittarius Moon and there’s good vibes all around, but don’t get fooled. All that glitters is not gold. Blue (High Heart/Throat), Gold/White (Soul Star) last light before back in darkness, back amongst the stars. Yellow - Solar Plexus (I Feel). There’s a lot going on here. Anytime we’re in the blues, change is about to happen. High Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown. All shades of blue. If our blues are out of balance, our solar plexus that houses our ego acts out by trying to prove itself. This leads to fatigue really fast. Learning to draw on the dark energy of the moon is so powerful and healing. 

My take is just that. Your take is what's most important. These words poured from my soul and I decided to share them. How you receive them is 100% up to you. I would love to hear your take. Please share it in the comments.

Did you know that I do online Chakra Flow readings? Click on the blue button to learn more and to book.

Disclaimer: These are just my thoughts. Take what resonates, research what doesn’t and draw your own conclusions. And by all means, question everything!

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