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Root Chakra: Family, Belonging, Community, Culture, Tribe - Chakra Flow Reading #6

  • Root Chakra - Red

  • Family: Belonging, Community, Culture and Tribe

  • Number 2

I think the advent of social media has been detrimental to our sense of belonging. It’s easier for us to be in contact, but deep connection has to be sought beyond our screens.

We love to throw the words ‘community’ and ‘tribe’ around, and often times they can feel like empty words. Just something to say that sounds ‘woke.’ But when you add the word culture into the mix, you are then layering in ancestral energy which demands follow through. We are social creatures by nature and we all want to belong. The challenge is being able to develop a mindset of community, belonging and acceptance for our extended, global family, taking care to respect and embrace our truly multicultural existence.

Let’s look past our screens today and meet eyes with someone. Allow your self to feel the connection that we all have with each other. Be kind. Share a smile. Compliment someone. Family is all around us. We just need to remember to act like it.

The number two signifies intuition and emotional balance. As a positive number though, there can be a lack of perspective leading to mood swings and depression. Familial connection starts here with that one person who always has your back. Maybe you’re feeling a bit disconnected today. I encourage you to reach out to your ride-or-die and bask in the sense of belonging this connection will make.

We need each other. 


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